Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Breaking up with Ina May

I continue to learn, read, and do my best to keep my mind open, learn about myself,  my privilege, my community, and history. As I do I become ever more grateful to all the women who have come before me, allowing the profession of the Midwife to survive and thrive, in turn allowing the profession of the Doula to become...I am now questioning previously held beliefs in a person who is no longer aligned with my values, or the values of the community I serve.
I was profoundly disappointed to hear the Texas Conference Q&A.  I'm a for me, once I know something I can't un-know it, and I lack the ability to "sweep it under the rug", which I am grateful for more every day. This year alone, I have divested from the bank I used for two decades as a direct result of their financing role in the Dakota Pipeline, I am learning about investing for the first time, primarily to keep as many of my dollars away from an administration that is actively using tax dollars in a war against women, mothers and families, in addition to other specifically targeted groups within this beautiful and diverse society that I adore and serve. I once boycotted Target for 15 years simply because an employee made my kids cry...I only recently reversed my position to support their stance on the bathroom/gender issue. You can pee next to me, by the way.
Once I know it, I can't just go on as if nothing has happened.  Even if Ina May's apology was sincere (it fell short in my opinion...more of an "I'm sorry you misunderstood me" kind of passive aggressive response, and even if the intent was truly different that the impact...the reality is that she offended and disrespected a large number of women...and I categorically disagree with her statement. As a result, I will be removing her book from my recommended reading list, revising my book to remove references and citations,  and replacing those recommendations/readings with other highly reliable and evidenced based resources, resources that I believe speak to, honor, and revere ALL women, as I do. She has certainly made her mark on modern midwifery, just as many, many women have before, alongside, and after her have done...but for me, as I work to leave my own mark as a Doula and educator, I no longer wish to associate myself with her teachings.

Stay tuned for the 2nd Edition of Expecting Kindness!

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