Thursday, January 24, 2013

In Retrospect, how could I have been so lucky as to become a Doula?

As I begin to close in on 200 births attended, I am always learning and adapting to new and unique labor processes.  I know we all say "Every labor is different" and "Every woman is different", and of course those sayings came about for good reason.
I like to think of every birth that I attend as continuing education and I carry the knowledge and wisdom that I seek and gain from each woman forward to the best of my ability.  When I think about how many births, and therefore, how many women, I have witnessed and supported throughout this process I am humbled and grounded, filled with purpose and delight.

Birth is unpredictable, yesterdays experience taught me again that the birth will unfold just as it should.  Frankly, we couldn't have planned it better. Our job is to react to the circumstances as they present themselves with knowledge and wisdom.  A Doula's presence does not guarantee a particular outcome, like a scene from a movie or a youtube video. With a depth of experience and wisdom gathered, we can react to circumstances and work hard to make the birth a beautiful memory.  There will be some intensity, some courage, some hard work, some laughter, some reverence, some respect, some magic and a LOT of beauty.  Beauty is inherent in EVERY birth; in EVERY labor.  I work hard to make sure you see it.

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