Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ultrasound linked to behavioral disorders like Autism, ADD and ADHD, etc.

I have talked about this topic in my classes for years.  I have believed this for years.  Even when I also believed that vaccines were a likely contributor, I still felt like it might be more complex and that Ultrasound would be implicated someday.

Not that I am trying to toot my own horn, at all, that's not what this is.  I just feel validated, and like my years of maybe being perceived as a nut were not all for naught.

This article needs to go VIRAL, if there is any justice in the world, this will reach further than "Double Rainbow" or "Numa Numa".  This should bring the use of diagnostic ultrasound for low risk pregnancies to an absolute HALT until they can definitively prove or disprove the link.  The inaccuracy rate alone should have limited it's use significantly by now anyway, but it hasn't.

To hell with insurance companies profits or hospitals paying for their machines that were either
A. Not tested thoroughly or
B. Tested, and the results undisclosed for the sake of profit.

These are human beings, real people.  Not laboratory animals. These are real families that face inconceivable challenges. They have been victimized, but they drive themselves to the brink of insanity, at least, trying to figure out what caused this to happen.  Was it something I ate during my pregnancy, was it something I was exposed to, was it a vaccine I chose on behalf of my child, did my body do something wrong while he/she was in utero, is it an dietary issue, enzymatic issue?  The unanswerable questions of a mother that wants to know why so she can stop wondering, but also so we may be able to start to figure out if there is a way to fix what went wrong, or at least prevent it from happening again.  We can't even begin to address a solution until we know the root cause.  No more band-aid patches, drugs for behavioral control.
This generation may suffer from this for the rest of their lives.  Yes, they love their children fiercely anyway, yes they grow immensely for having the challenge, yes they break sometimes, yes they will file lawsuits, yes they deserve to.  If proven true, there hasn't been an obstetric scandal of this magnitude since Thalidomide.
These victimized families deserve to know how this happened, why it was allowed to happen, why the shareholders wallets were more important than these families and what is going to be done to help, with all that money.

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