Sunday, June 2, 2013

Waiting for the call

I am super antsy today.  I am looking forward to my next few births so very much.  It is a true gift to me when I have the privilege of supporting families through more than one birth and my next 3 are all returning clients.  This job is so unique, being with a family in one of the most intimate moments of their life, and then being asked to do it again is an awesome feeling.  I often hear women say things immediately after the birth, things like: "I couldn't have done it with out you".  Of course we all know they could have, and they go on to gain confidence through parenting and through reflection and they may or may not choose to have a doula present at subsequent births.  I'm happy either way of course because if they feel confident enough carry on without me, they are empowered and I am happy for them. When they call me back, though, it is the highest compliment I could be payed, and I feel a deep gratitude for this profession that I have found myself called to.

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