Friday, July 19, 2013

Book Release! "Expecting Kindness" is available now!

Welcome to all those following or visiting my little blog!

I am excited to announce the release of my book, "Expecting Kindness".

This book is a version/part of the talking portion of my Childbirth Education class.  My intent is to have  the classroom time available for activities, visual presentations, discussions and Q & A, and provide you with a written version of what I would have historically told you in class and wanted you to remember.  It occurred to me that it isn't really reasonable to expect anyone (let alone a mommy with prego brain) to remember and internalize what is SAID in a two hour class period for 9 weeks.  Additionally, families who don't commonly take childbirth education for subsequent pregnancies, can refer back to the discussions to refresh their memories!  I also wanted to make the material available in a concise, organized format for those who would, but can not, OR could, but don't want to, sign up for a comprehensive childbirth education class.

I have spoken with midwives, doula's and other birth educators that are excited to have a resource like this to offer their clients who don't (really, can't, before one has been there) understand the value of being well prepared for labor and birth.  I can imagine that there will be some individuals who purchase the book, and then realize that the endeavor to have an uncomplicated birth is, in fact, a challenge, and may decide to better prepare themselves through taking a class or hire an experienced Doula.  I, of course, would endorse both of these, but my intention is simply to add my piece to the broad conversation happening in the world of labor and birth, and to allow me personally to focus more energy in my own Childbirth Ed. classes on classroom activities and experiential learning, rather than hearing myself talk.

I will continue to evolve the workbook as new information presents itself, and as my opinions evolve over time.  I hope you will find this resource helpful as you prepare for your own birth, or find it valuable as a gift for a loved one who is expecting.

You can find it at

I wish you a calm, loving, warm welcome for your baby.

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