Thursday, July 4, 2013


Please follow the link above to order a copy of my new book.
"Expecting Kindness" is the curriculum/workbook that I have been providing for my students in a binder format for years.  I have been continuously printing lesson by lesson and building a comprehensive manual over the course of 9 weeks together.  I had the brain child of putting the lecture portion of my class into print and publishing the book a couple years ago and have been diligently writing and revising and working with a publisher since then.  I will continue to provide the book for students in my Childbirth Education classroom, but also want to make the course available to couples who can not, or prefer not to take a comprehensive class.  I will always suggest the full course, whenever possible. This book doesn't (and can't) include the activities, visual presentations, conversations and Q and A that is an essential part of being prepared for this important event, but I also know that it isn't always an option.

The philosophy of the book is holistic.  I wish to be a part of changing the face of maternity care, to dissolve the barrier between uncomplicated birth in a home or out of hospital environment and the hospital environment.  There is no reason, short of will, that an uncomplicated, low risk birth in a hospital environment should look SO VERY DIFFERENT.  It is up to mothers, and we are a force to be reckoned with when united for a cause.

I hope you enjoy the curriculum.  Take what works for you from this as well as the recommended reading and leave what doesn't.
I wish you a loving, warm welcome for your child.

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