Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Miracle of Life - Video and Kind Birth Commentary

The Miracle of Life

I remember looking at photographs in a book while I was pregnant with my children, nearly 2 decades ago.  I have since become an active participant in facilitating and supporting in women through the last minute of this video. Watching this is incredibly humbling and deeply moving.

My first impression is that we really are all made of star stuff. Watching the segment just before the beating heart looks like the universe to me.  The universe that we are all a part of, connected to, and which is a part of all of us. There is a reason why every mother and father going through pregnancy has the distinct sense that this pregnancy, this important, special. Sometimes it can even seem as if no one has ever experienced this before, not like she is.  The reason is because there is absolutely some kind of magic involved; call it whatever you want.  I get the science of it, but science and magic are not mutually exclusive and I believe that both are present and working to create life.

My second impression is trusting my body, and trusting in the bodies of all the women I support throughout their pregnancies, in childbirth education, and the women who I provide support for during their labor and birth.  It seems to me, to see this and NOT trust the body is just some strange form of ignorant arrogance.  Look at what women's bodies know how to do!  Her brain is a big part of this process, but her ego, her will, is not.  I know that there are times when things don't work out "right" throughout this process, and trust in the body does not guarantee that everything will work perfectly, that is not how nature works.  But after seeing this, it's easy to give the birthing body the benefit of the doubt that it is absolutely possible.

This video is just magical to me.  When I think about the trillions of microscopic events that must take place in a particular order to produce the life that is created, it blows my mind.  I stand in total awe and offer my respect for the female body. I hope you feel the same way.

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