Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Childbirth Education Classes Beginning SOON

Good Morning!
I have added a workshop style course to meet the needs of families during this busy winter season.  The class will be held from 12-4 on the consecutive Saturday afternoons, December 7th and 14th.

The next full length session for KIND Birth Education is scheduled to begin on January 4th! It will run for 8 weeks and end on February 22nd.  I look forward to beginning the new year with some wonderful new families!  I like to combine conversation with trying tools and techniques on for size, and I'm adding some tools to my belt this time around and look forward to sharing them!

The class is held at the Eastside Birth Center in Bellevue, Wa.
The facility is uniquely perfect, since it is an actual birth suite.  We can move freely in the space, and I will be telling, demonstrating and showing what is common and normal in the birth process, helping you to release useless fears, know the process, and what to expect from your birth team in virtually any environment or combination of practitioners.

"Expecting Kindness", my curriculum, was honestly and passionately written for you. I have been teaching and attending births for almost two decades. During that time I have been observing our practices in the Pacific Northwest.  I have worked with thousands of families, hundreds of care providers, and I learn from every single one of them...I gain some knowledge, some experience, some story, something, to share with you, from each and every student, each birth, each Mother, each partner, and each practitioner.  My curriculum is a reflection of the experiences I have had and borne witness to so that you may benefit from my experiences and the experiences of so many others who have been right where you are.  A few hundred years ago, you would have been surrounded at this time by the women in your village and their collective wisdom, along with he stories of the elder women who went before them.  We can still have that, in another way. It is broader, we may not know their names, but I love to pass on their stories.  Some will make  you laugh, some will inspire, some may make you proud, and I hope they all will help you to realize that you are stronger than you know.

The class itself, I believe, is a lot of fun.  I like to keep the feel of the classroom lighthearted and conversational.  I want you to feel excited and respectful about the incredible physical experience you are about to have as you welcome baby into the world.  We will talk about the challenges that you may face, but I try to simultaneously empower you to know that you will make the best choices for yourself and your child (with informed consent) when necessary, and there is no reason to overthink every little thing that might happen.  The best way to avoid complications is to be well, and to become fearless and trusting in your body and your baby.  The rest, we will handle if we must.

Please consider joining me and some other wonderful families this Autumn, as you prepare to welcome a new life into the beautiful, spinning, world, and into your life!

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