Monday, November 30, 2015

My wishes for you, this season.

As we move quickly into the winter season, I find myself thinking about all of my clients, my students, all those who may happen across my blog and take even a small something away from visiting me here.  I imagine that people who find themselves here, are likely expecting a baby this Winter, or have recently had a baby.  I hope you know how much I appreciate everything that you have done and are doing to take especially good are of yourself and by extension, your little one.  Your well being and the well being of your family matter very much to me.

I wish for you, a birth that will be  (or become, if it takes a little time and distance) a powerful reminder of your inner strength and conviction.  I hope that you look back at the welcoming of your child and can see clearly the  compassion, respect, and trust, experienced in those moments, and the bonding that inherently comes from overcoming an incredible challenge together.

I wish for you a comfortable sanctuary to hibernate for awhile with your tiny one, whatever that means to you.  Perhaps it means warmth, apple pie, candlelight, a cozy family bed, a rocking chair with a gentle squeak, a nice cup of tea or cocoa, a snuggly pet, and of course, the warm heaviness of a baby asleep on your chest. It really is the simple things that you will eventually and adoringly look back upon and what will tether you to these moments in time.

I wish you time with your family and friends, and that the time spent is filled with kindness.  I wish for you that even if your loved ones may make different decisions than you, for birth and beyond, that respect for,  and trust in, one another to make the best choices for your own families is intentional and feels effortless.

I wish for you to seek and find a tribe. Days at home with a newborn during these winter months can seem long on time and short on daylight, and sometimes lonely. Seeking activities that you enjoy with your baby will naturally introduce you to other women who share interests, and sometimes can turn into lifelong friendships.

I wish for you support from women who have been where you are, and can offer a listening ear, loving guidance, a compilation of ideas learned over the years from past mistakes and successes.  I wish for you the collected wisdom from the women who held the hands of those here to hold yours.

I wish for you an early Spring. The long, cozy, winter with a newborn will soon be replaced by the sap rising again up into the tree trunks, buds, blossoms, blue skies, sprouting seeds, green tips poking up through the earth, and an eager baby, ready to touch, taste, explore, see, and hear, a whole world outside, just coming to life.


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