Friday, February 19, 2016

Expecting a SPRING bundle?

My next Kind Birth Education course registration is OPEN and class is scheduled to begin on February 29th!  Classes are held at the beautiful and accommodating Eastside Birth Center in Bellevue Washington, on the corner of NE 8th and 148th.  You can read some of my students testimonials on my website at or on Yelp, search Kind Birth Services.
My classes are focused on minimizing intervention as much as possible, using a knowledge and understanding of the work your body is doing throughout the stages and changes in the labor process to eliminate fear and embrace the physical, mental, and emotional challenges. You and your partner will learn a stockpile of coping skills, tools, and hands on techniques that will allow you to let your labor follow it's natural course under most circumstances. We will discuss variations that become necessary at times, but will also provide you with some alternatives to traditional medical interventions to use when possible and appropriate. We will work together to write a birth plan that leaves room for flexibility, but does not relinquish your own empowerment or your ability to be making informed choices. We will learn about the immediate needs and skills of early parenting as well as how to care for the normal newborn.

I am an open book with nearly two decades of experience teaching childbirth education and attending births in the greater Seattle area. Let me be your tour guide, personal trainer, advocacy trainer, resource provider, cheerleader and information source.  Whatever I've got, is all yours, and we have fun.  I like to keep the atmosphere light and comfortable, I like to laugh and see you all smiling as you learn about your body, your baby, and how you will be working together as a team to birth your baby.  It's pretty beautiful subject matter. I think you are amazing, powerful, pretty magical, and I can't wait to prove it to you!

Kristin Dibeh
Kind Birth Services

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