Thursday, April 14, 2016

KIND BIRTH POCKET DOULA at your service!

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Feel free to share with your loved ones, I have provided pocket doula services for years, locally, across state lines, and as far away as Singapore...
I can provide support and thoughtful guidance to assist you in making informed choices over the phone or via text message for a small donation!

It is my belief that there are women and partners out there who have a lot of questions, but hesitate to call because it feels like an imposition.  A small donation will hopefully relieve you of that feeling and allow you to make the call, or send the text.  There are also many questions that you may feel uncomfortable asking a friend or relative, but you aren't sure it's necessary to bother your doctor or midwife about there is some middle ground. Some highly experienced middle ground. Aside from topics that might fall under the category of medical (for which I will direct you to your care provider and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't call me in an emergency...911 is your friend, we are so blessed to have this in our community and the first responders that will come, are absolutely wonderful), I can be the in-between.  The best friend that you can ask virtually anything, who has also attended hundreds of births and taught childbirth education for nearly 2 decades.

I am excited to see where this addition to my services will take me.

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