Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am so enjoying watching my Facebook page light up with all the births from my recent class.  I especially love seeing all the kind support that my students are extending to one another, honestly, it brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.  
This week I celebrate a very important holiday.  To be sure, I try to honor this everyday, but once a year I look forward to re-kindling my intention to practice kindness.
BE KIND TO EVERYONE DAY is a holiday designated by the Mayor of Kirkland to practice intentional kindness.  It is a day near and dear to my heart because it is in honor of my dear friends daughter, Sasia Jaz Kachirri Regan-Hughes, who passed away unexpectedly last June.  
Please look up the event/community page on Facebook: 
and join me, either in person or in spirit (practicing acts of kindness in your own way, in your own community, on your own time) bringing the spirit of Kin back into our world.
As it related to birth, and the reason why I named my business Kind Birth Services, I believe that there needs to be a kindness revolution in the practice of taking care of women during pregnancy and birth and that it would be kinder to give newborn babies a more loving, welcoming reception into this world: pure, clean and loving.  The intention of practicing and expecting kindness in birth practices is a cornerstone of my philosophy.  
This week, as I wait for the phone to ring, the call of the Doula, I literally can't wait to put my ideals into practice; doing everything in my power to create the most loving reception I can for this bright new life.

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