Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to annoy your L & D nurse...

Check out this humorous blog post about "how to annoy your L & D nurse"
I must admit that I'm guilty of a few of these, but in my defense it's usually because I'm trying to gain a private audience with my client, or stall to buy time when she is being pressured to succumb to routine intervention that she is trying to avoid.  It falls into the category of strategy, not ignorance.
I like this Nurse's sense of humor and would guess that I wouldn't have to employ my strategic tactics if I were attending a birth with her on duty.
We agree on many of these points, and frankly, I consider most of this to be part of my job description as a doula: arriving at the hospital or birth center when it is appropriate, holding a leg whenever necessary, fetching her whatever she needs, keeping family informed, translating medical jargon into english, explaining labor progress, helping mom accurately express her level of pain/discomfort, holding the basin if she vomits, etc.
In short, these frustrations that nurses cope with on a daily basis are THE reasons why nurses should be promoting Doula's.

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