Friday, January 24, 2014

What to wear for your labor day?

I teach a lot of ladies about giving birth, and one thing I hear from them over and over again is that most women believe that they wish to remain somewhat modest during their birth experience.  Some buy special bras and plan out what they will labor in, and most of time, I admit that I listen to them with a knowing smile in the back of my mind because all but a very small group of exceedingly modest women will end up stripping down throughout their active stage of labor to absolutely nothing, or close to it.  The thing about clothing during labor is that is feels confining, limits your body's ability to regulate it's temperature, and can feel nearly claustrophobic.  Having begun the very long, slow process of menopause with a few hot flashes, I have been reminded of the need to strip, regardless of location or audience, it's not really a choice.  It's instinct combined with absolute necessity.  I have thought for years about making a labor gown that is easy to remove, isn't binding, is pretty, is inexpensive, can be multi-purpose, and is functional for labor. This link will take you to ebay, where I found and ordered what may prove to be an adorable labor gown for $6.99.  Obviously, the gown is not specifically for pregnancy, but is is quite stretchy, soft on the skin, and is a wrap so the belly/baby can have all the room needed. It may not close entirely, but as previously discussed, modesty is not usually as much of a factor as most women think it will be during labor.
Features I like:

  • The wrap style allows for "one size fits most" 
  • You can wear a bra with it if you need/enjoy some support
  • The lower back is exposed for easy massage and support during labor
  • you can kept the breasts covered (if desired) and move the skirt aside for bringing baby immediately to the abdomen following birth
  • stretchy, soft fabric is easily moved aside for immediate breastfeeding
  • May be comfy in the first few days, lounging in bed and nursing on demand.
  • It's a sweet little beach coverup so even of it doesn't work for labor, it may not be a total loss
  • Lots of colors and patterns and much cuter than hospital gowns, allowing a woman to feel somewhat like herself, if I may be so bold…I love for women to feel beautiful and powerful….and not just like "a patient" while in labor.  There is something psychological about putting on a hospital gown that limits your individuality and makes you feel like you are sick and dependent.
Please let me know if you give it a try by leaving a comment here!  I'd love to hear if it worked for you.

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