Monday, October 16, 2017

Good Morning. I'm just sitting on pins and needles, awaiting the "call of the doula". When I have a mama who is post dates, and is anxious to go into labor, give birth, and be holding her baby in her arms, i find it kind of a cruel irony. What she needs, is calm. As a doula, I have learned over the years, to respond...partly to prepare myself and partly to collecting AS MUCH SLEEP AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Go to bed early, sleep in. Take a nap if you can. The more of this waiting time you can sleep through the faster it passes, and the more rested, nourished and hydrated you are, the better your body will be able to perform in labor. Use your waking hours to pamper yourself, it's goddess time. You can check off some boxes if it makes you happy but try to remember that the baby won't care about the perfectly decorated nursery, or the state of pantry organization, not even a little. Spend some time making beautiful memories with your partner, do things with friends and family that will be challenging in the early days, weeks, and months of new parenthood. Today is a beautiful Autumn day, go collect some leaves, bundle up a little and breathe in the crisp air, enjoy some tea....I'll do it too.

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