Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Just Some Doula Thoughts After A Birth.

Me and C at the Wedding of her Mama and Papa, dancing to sleep.

As a Doula, my role is more than just executing a job description. What I hope to achieve is to become (even if only temporarily) a part of a families' circle of trust. It's not "family", it's not "friend", it's not "employee" alone. It's some interesting combination of these, or something else entirely that we don't have a word for in our language...at least not one that I know, other than Doula. Being there for a family at their birth is a privilege, and I hope I serve each family in their moment of need, in the way that they need me to. It is such a treasure to me when I am able to stay connected with families after they have their baby and my contract is fulfilled. Staying connected looks different for each family...a picture of them and/or they're baby in a random text message on a Tuesday afternoon, a card during the holidays, being contracted again as their family grows, transitioning from Doula to Swim Instructor for kids as they grow, being invited to birthday parties, weddings, meeting for coffee, play dates with birthing classes turned playgroups, Facebook connections and emails. It's certainly not an expectation, but I hope to serve each family in a way that inspires them to stay in touch. I have grown so much as a human being by serving so many families, each unique and beautiful, in this very personal, very important time. I hope they realize how much I appreciate them, respect them, and wish them happiness, health, and the knowledge that I am here for them and LOVE to see their family stories, their photographs, and their children.

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