As an aside in my business, I am a Consultant with Arbonne. I chose this line of products very specifically to both recommend and sell because of their exceptional standards. Their motto is:
Pure. Safe. Beneficial.
Very much in line with my life's philosophy of clean living, and having a raising healthy children.
I know that they live up to those standards, because they prove it. With great detail.
Please visit my Arbonne website (see below) for product descriptions and orders. So far, I am particularly impressed with their Detox, and their "Healthy Aging" line...I really despise "anti-aging" messaging, so I love the "healthy skin at every age" concept...and the products are wonderful, they last a long time and are actually good for our bodies. I put mine through quite a bit being a swim instructor every summer, spending no less than 20 hours a week out in the elements. I am looking forward to putting their barrier sunscreen to the test for you all this year! I will be posting actual photo's of my experiences with the products here over time for the sake of authenticity. I promise not to wrinkle my forehead in the before photo, and not in the after...I can totally tell when advertisements do that so I won't patronize you!
Products aside, if you are interested in talking to me about the possibility of joining me, taking advantage of incredible product discounts, and making a little money on the side as a consultant please just reach out. It can become a very successful at home business, primary or supplemental, and who knows how far we can go? There are a lot of families out there looking for creative ways to have one parent able to stay home with their small children, and this could be a great opportunity. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HIGH PRESSURE RECRUITING and I will not do it. Period. I'm happy to share my honest experiences and my path with you, if you are interested.

Call me if you have questions about either products or becoming a consultant! 206.356.8409

My website is: 

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