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Kristin Dibeh
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I am an experienced Labor Doula, having attended births for 18 years and have attended in excess of 250 families during labor and birth.  I have provided support in almost every scenario I can conjure.  I work very hard to create beautiful, fulfilling and empowering memories with families as they welcome new little ones into the world.  It is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life and it is a story you will tell a thousand times, to your friends and family, to your own children, and probably to their children, and if you are very lucky, to your children's children's children. It's an important story that can be absolutely beautiful under literally ANY circumstances.

I believe that a Labor Doula is a valuable asset to every birth.  The role is incredibly fluid, changing with every woman, every family, every care provider.  There have been times in which I have been a woman's primary support; a single mother, a woman who's partner is out of town on business, out of the picture or  serving in the military.  There have been times where my clients have been surrounded by loving support of adoring husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, close friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, grandparents, Mother in law's, cousins, etc.  There have been intimate births with just a couple, me, and one midwife in attendance. The role changes depending on what the woman (and sometimes her support team) need from me.
Some characteristics of the doula role, in my experience are:

  • Being a presence with experience.
  • Timing contractions, documenting fetal movement.
  • Evaluating the progress of labor using external signs and symptoms.
  • Facilitating labor progress: using positions/avoiding positions/encouraging movement/encouraging rest/using visualization/maintaining hydration and energy/acknowledging and resolving fears by translating her physical sensations and discomforts into the logic of labor progression.
  • Creating the desired environment and minimizing discomfort using: conversation or lack thereof, music, candles, guiding breath for comfort and relaxation, showers or baths when appropriate, aroma therapy, room temperature, keeping the area tidy, keeping certain people present, keeping certain people away, using massage, and other tools for comfort. 
  • Experienced in Synergy Stones as used for massage during labor
  • Provide information to help clients to move to their intended birth location or request the Midwife to join us.
  • Take pictures or video, or both.
  • Assist the woman in making the transition to the pushing stage of labor, coaching her through until she recognizes the rhythm. 
  • Physically supporting women in positions when necessary to minimize the strain of holding herself in a squat, for example.
  • Informing clients if I see "red flags" indicating a questionable routine intervention.
  • Educating clients about alternatives to routine interventions when possible.
  • Educating clients about any un-disclosed risks of intervention(s) and the procedures that accompany most routine interventions.
  • Supporting and guiding clients who have expressed specific wishes, no matter how few or how many, to advocate for themselves regarding their care and the care of the new baby.
  • Partnering with primary coaches so that he or she (or even they) can be in the role that the family wishes for them to be in, in the place where the laboring woman needs them to be.  Knowing in advance what everyone desires from the experience allows me to facilitate those wishes and do my best to make your experience as perfect as I can under any circumstances.
  • Helping women/couples understand when a deviation from their desired birth experience is necessary and being informed so that they leave the experience knowing that every question was asked (when possible) and every alternative was discussed and/or implemented (when safe).  My goal is that my clients know that no matter the outcome, they made responsible choices for the safety and well being of mom and baby.
  • Supporting women immediately postpartum by helping with breastfeeding, continuing to guide them in advocacy for newborn procedures, and taking care of peripheral responsibilities (ordering food, cleaning up,  pushing fluids when depleted during labor, photography/videography, bringing in family members, etc) so the family can focus on falling in love.

I began my career with a certification in 1998 from the AAHCC, more commonly known as The Bradley Method.  This was a dual certification in Childbirth Education and Professional Labor Support.  Based on a desire to incorporate more philosophies into my curriculum,  I now offer my own brand of Childbirth Education and have had the dear and distinct privilege of attending over 200 labors and births.


  1. I can't speak high enough of the support I received from Kristin during my pregnancy, labor, and post labor. She is amazing at what se does. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. She educated my husband and I during her birth education series about 8 weeks prior to our delivery. We felt empowered to have our sweet baby the old fashioned way assuming intervention wasn't needed. I loved the series because it allowed Ty and I to have conversations about what we wanted our experience to be. I could openly share my expectations, fears, needs, etc. with him so he could do what he could to help me in any way he could. During labor Kristin was absolutely amazing. She was beyond helpful to not only me, but to Ty, my mom and my best friend. She gave everyone a role, and my birth experience was seamless. She was encouraging, comforting, strong, focused and present. She got me through the hardest thing I've ever done. There is no way I will do it again without her. She was also fantastic after Wyatt arrived, helping me with breastfeeding for the weeks post delivery. I would have probably paid her ten times more her

    1. Your birth was just gorgeous, from the candle light to witnessing you harness the strength of your labor and turn it to work for you. You are lovely little family and I cherish your kind words and your desire to have me support your growing family in the future!

  2. The reassurance I received from Kristin was irreplaceable. Doulas serve many purposes, but the best of these is to empower us to do what our bodies were created to do. Sounds easy, but in today's society we are taught that birth is scary, painful, unbearable, yucky, and only doctor's know what's best for us. The media, friends/family, and "A Horror story" (AKA "A Baby Story"), do a really good number on our psyche. Luckily we have educated, experienced, caring helpers like Kristin to help us unexperienced expectant mommies and women who've had unsatisfying births figure out that they have a voice and can have a beautiful, powerful, amazing labor and birth that we deserve. Kristin is one of my dearest friends and gave me a wide range of support during my labor and the birth of my baby, Violet. She assured me that I was coping well and handling the process like a pro while my body was doing exactly what it needed to do to deliver my baby, she encouraged me to breathe through any pain I experienced and to get up and try different things like walking, lunging, squatting, even laughing! For most of my labor, the atmosphere was lighthearted and happy, and Kristin's sense of humor was met with delight. She massaged me and applied pressure when I needed it and stopped when I said, no more! I felt an amazing amount of freedom to be myself and although I was a lot more polite than I expected to be, I was able to order Kristin around when I needed to without her taking it to heart. There were some moments when I didn't know if I could do it anymore, when Scott had left the room while I was in transition, after our amazing midwife broke my water, but having my mom tell me I was enough to birth Violet and Kristin's constant presence and emotional support were undeniably helpful and for that I am forever grateful. She supported my husband while he supported me, some of the moments she captured on camera between Scott and I and my family were so powerful that I still tear up when I look at them. She really allowed for Scott to support me in my time of need, especially during the early stages and pushing, knowing exactly what to do, heating up wash clothes and grabbing cold compresses, taking photos, holding my hand, and encouraging me to keep up the good work. I remember her beautiful smile as Violet descended and her quietly proud sense as I birthed my sweet baby girl. I couldn't have asked for a better, more fulfilling experience, and we thank Kristin from the bottom of our hearts.

    1. What can I say, it was truly a privilege to be with you. A gift. This one was born on my own daughters' birthday and they are truly kindred spirits. I can't wait to get some V cuddles again soon. Having you join the ranks of doula ing is one of the greatest joys of my life, the women you will support are so blessed.
      Thank you!

  3. Oh yeah, she also inspired me to become a Doula myself! Cheers to new adventures!!

  4. When my husband and I learned that I was pregnant for the second time, the first thing we both agreed upon- before when to tell our parents or if we would go with the same midwife- was that we absolutely positively wanted Kristen by our sides again!!
    MY first labor and delivery did not go as planned. A premature birth in a hospital with an uncaring doctor. My second labor and delivery, full term in the comfort of my own home, was everything I dreamed it would be. and both times Kristen played an essential role. Whether she was running interference with insensitive nurses or helping me find laughter and calm in between contractions or getting water for my husband, whom I would not allow to leave my side or just telling me how great I was doing during the hardest physical challenge of my life; Kristen was loving, calm, centered and compassionate.

    During my weeks of preterm and prodromal labor, she was always a phone call or a text away. Speaking to Kristen always lit up my whole day, and helped me keep my optimism and perspective during a very difficult pregnancy.

    I tell any pregnant woman I meet that they NEED a doula. Preferably, this doula. "Kind" is the perfect word to describe Kristen and the birth services she provides.

    1. You little cutie, thank you so much for all your kind words. I just adore your whole family and I am overjoyed that after all the challenges that your pregnancy brought, that we were able to have the home birth you desired. It was perfect.
      Hope to see you all soon!

  5. In 2006 when I became pregnant with my first I wanted to do everything "right." I found myself staying up night after night to research doctors, hospitals, drugs, exercises, labor methods ect. After a couple months of doing this I happen to run into an old friend who had become a midwife. She led me to the bright side of a natural birth and recommended Kristen for birth classes and doula services. For someone who has a tendency to be a little on the anxious side Kristen was [perfect! She has such a calming presence about her. It seems she always knew just what to say and not to pacify me but to educate and instill confidence. After spending a couple of months with her as my doula and taking her classes I was ready to Go! I really didn't have any anxiety about my labor. I went from fearing every nitty gritty detail to the " Bring it On" kind of attitude. With my oldest baby my labor was over 30 hours. During that time Kristen provided physical and emotional support. She not only was right beside me the whole time but she was like a rock to my husband who let's face it was a little freaked out. My second baby was speedy! A labor of about 90 minutes. This really freaked me out because it was happening so fast and I was gearing up for another 30 hour labor. Kristen was calming and reassuring. The after birth home visits were helpful from nursing advice to dealing with pesky in laws she did it! Kristen is an essential part of experiencing a kind, peaceful and beautiful birth. Thank you Kristen!
    Much Love,
    Alston Family

    1. I have loved working with you, nothing makes me happier than being able to support families through more than one birth. Your family is precious and I value your reference so much.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. Less than 48 hours ago my daughter brought her son into the world through a drug free natural birth in a tub with Kristen by her side. Kristen was first to arrive at the birth center, first to greet my daughter and help her out of the car, first to observe her contractions, first to massage and push on her hips to ease pressure, first to hand her water to drink, and more. I had no idea what a doula was, and now am an advocate. Kristen gently helped my daughter empower herself to own her contractions and provide guidance and care as the labor continued. I was so so impressed and glad Kristen was there, for all of us, but watching her help my baby have her baby, was fabulous. Kristen is a peach. I can't say enough.
    Just a Gramma

    1. Oh my. I am so touched to have a Mother/Gramma say these things, as I know what it means to me to witness my own daughter being uplifted by other women in her life. It was my genuine pleasure to be is a blessed profession I have found myself in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  7. "One of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy was to involve Kristin as my doula. She was a vital part of my birth team and provided support to me and my husband before, during, and after the birth of our son. Before the birth, Kristin took time to get to know us as people. She was open to answering all of our questions, no matter how small, embarrassing, or silly. As nice as this was, this pre-birth support pales in comparison to the incredible support that Kristin provided during the birth process. She helped guide me through different birth positions, massaged my back for hours and hours on end, and coached me through the most challenging contractions. As amazing as it felt to labor in a tub, I found that I actually missed Kristin’s massages and would welcome getting out of the water. Kristin’s support helped guide me through 13 hours of active labor and physical challenges that I never knew I could conquer. After the birth was over, Kristin’s support continued. She visited us twice during the first few days at home with our son. Her knowledge of babies was invaluable for us as nervous, first-time parents. Kristin has continued to offer her support and guidance weeks after the birth of our child. She went above and beyond all of our expectations. I would recommend her to any pregnant women. Having Kristin on your birth team will be one of the best decisions that you make as well! Thank you Kristin!" - Lindsey D.

  8. When we first signed up for Kristin's Birth Classes we had not yet settled on our decision for a home birth or a Doula. We had our midwives and in combination with my amazing partner I felt like I had a complete team. That was until I met Kristin at our first class. My partner Scott and I were immediately cast under the "Kristin spell". If any of you have met her you know what I mean... it is her kindness, humor, gentle nature and all around awesomeness that convinced us that including Kristin in our Birth Team would truly make our team complete. Fast forward 8 classes, a few home visits and lots of laughing later we reached the time to welcome our little Alexa into our lives. I felt confident and ready from the Kind Birth classes and with Kristin by my side. Even though Scott is the most loving partner, coach and now father, I think he shined even brighter in his roll with Kristin's support. They each played an important part and I could not have been happier to have them both at my side.

    Alexa took her sweet time and my early labor was long. Kristin was always a phone call away with lots of check ins. It was about 1:30 am on 11/19 and 5 hours after I gulped down my peanut butter and castor oil smoothie that I felt time for Kristin to join us. Regardless of the hour I believe she too was anxious to get the party started. And that’s exactly what it felt like for the next 12+ hours. My labor continued at a slow rate (as you always count on for first babes), but with Kristin’s encouragement there was lots of movement, stair walking, squatting and massaging as needed. Slow progression gave us plenty of time to put to use all of the exercises and techniques we learned about in class. I felt strong and proud!! I was surrounded by smiling women (and Scott) who reassured me over and over of my strength. Not a moment of doubt ever crept in, not even when little Alexa was close to crowning and was showing signs of distress. Even though we were at home I still felt I was in good hands if an alternative decision needed to be made of how or where this babe would be born. My amazing Midwife, Ashley, made the right call at the right time to transport to the hospital. Those 10 minutes when Kristin followed the ambulance was the only time she ever left my side. We made it to the hospital and little Alexa was born shortly after with minimally invasive measures. I believed in that moment when I was given one more chance to push my baby out was when I channeled the last bit of strength I had and pulled from the support around me. With Kristin, Scott and Ashley cheering at my side Alexa was born at 4:10 pm!! Alexa spent the next 7 days in the NICU but made it home in time for the thanksgiving holiday happy and healthy.

    On a side (and personal) note: Birth is a unique, beautiful and unpredictable journey. I allowed myself to be open and prepared for however things may evolve. With the support of such an amazing team I felt safe and cared for to embrace the way my experience unfolded. That is why my birth story will forever in my mind be one filled with love, laughter, encouragement, and hard work!!!!

    If you live in the Seattle area and looking for a Doula you would be truly lucky to have Kristin on your team. If you do not live close than at least get her book and gain in her amazing class style curriculum.
    Thank you Kristin for all your yummy goodness!!
    All our Love,
    Scott, Christie and Alexa


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