Placentophagy: Capsule, Salve, and Tincture

I trained with Carrie Kenner at Big Belly Services in the Spring of 2014.
I have since mastered both the steamed method as well as the raw method of encapsulation as well as salve and tincture preparation. I prefer the raw method as I believe the placenta loses some of its valuable properties in the steaming process. I am also Lifeguard Certified which includes Certification in safe practices/preventing transmission of Bloodborne Pathogens.

The photo's below (shared with permission) show all stages of the process of raw encapsulation.

Before I begin, I light a candle, put on some music and make sure I'm in a healthy, reverent, and happy emotional/mental state while working on each individual placenta.

I use a very sharp, very awesome knife (made to fillet sushi) to create very thin slices of this red, rich, amazing organ.  It takes about an hour to prepare the space and my tools and get it ready to dehydrate, which takes about 12 hours on low heat (160 degrees).
After dehydration the thin slices take on the texture of dried kelp/seaweed.  thin and brittle, they snap into small pieces easily and are then placed into a stainless steel spice grinder to be pulverized into an earth-like powder.  It looks and feels like a soft bark mulch. It is then placed into vegetarian gel capsules using a pill capping tool.  The yield is dependent on the size of the placenta, and can range from around 75-275 capsules.
The finished capsules will be delivered to you within 2-3 days, packaged in a dark glass container, or a tin (for higher yields) with instructions for use and storage.

Salve is created by adding about a teaspoon of the powdered placenta to a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, bees wax, lavender (or another scent) essential oil, in proper proportions, steeping, and straining,  and then letting it cool.  It can be applied to the skin to promote healing of cuts, bruises, scars, irritation, etc.

Tincture is prepared separately with raw pieces of the placenta/cord/membranes steeping/swirling in alcohol for 6 weeks, it is then strained with cheese cloth to create an infusion that can be used homeopathically for hormonal balance and well being for years to come.  I will prepare the tincture and provide instructions for you to follow after the mixture is through infusing/steeping.

Although there is not a great deal of scientific research on the subject...yet...the reported benefits from women who have used the placenta in the form of pills, salve, and tincture have been overwhelmingly positive.  As Placentophagy grows in popularity throughout the birthing community, I know there will be more studies performed and don't have any doubt that it will come to be scientifically proven as beneficial. The CDC recently concluded that there is an increase in risk to baby if there is infection present at the time of birth.

Here are a few articles and reports on the subject of the medicinal use of the placenta for post partum well-being. health benefits.

Additionally, here are a few articles/blogs from women who have had their placenta encapsulated, and shared their experiences, again both pro's and con's:

I carry Red Cross Certification for Lifeguarding which includes Blood-borne Pathogens training, for your safety...and mine. I never have more than ONE placenta being processed at a time. I am also happy to process the placenta in your home if preferred!

The turn around for these services will be roughly 36-48 hours.
The cost is of encapsulation is $250.00.  I don't charge extra for pick-up/delivery.
2 tins of salve is an additional $40
8oz bottle of tincture is $50 for the supplies/prep.

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