Sunday, January 29, 2012

Childbirth Without Fear

Childbirth Without Fear

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  1. This series of tips goes a long way to giving women the confidence we need to stand up to the fear campaign surrounding childbirth. An un-medicated Childbirth is not necessarily right for every woman, and certainly not appropriate in every situation, but it is tremendously sad for me to listen to women who give in to the fear and defeat themselves before even giving the idea a chance, the idea that she might be capable, that she might be stronger than she knows, that childbirth itself can be a defining experience which shines a light on and illuminates your inner strength. This belief in our bodies must also be supported by information which allow us to navigate the medical system, create a positive environment, translate the physical sensations of labor into information that we can use to our own advantage, and allows us to focus on the one or two physical and emotional challenges that labor inevitably provides. Please see my schedule of upcoming classes on the right margin and call or e-mail me to register or ask questions! My professional goal is to provide all of the above to you so that you can have a Childbirth Without Fear, and also, without regret.


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