Thursday, November 29, 2012

Living Values

I have a had several experiences lately that have reminded me that life's purpose is about trusting your heart, acting on your hearts desires with authenticity and therefore loving the life you create for yourself.  These values are important from the very first decisions we make (for ourselves and our children), and become more and more important as we grow, change, and live, all leading up to making our last decisions.  We can only do the best that we can, at any time, with the information we have available to us at that moment in time.  I am devoted to helping you begin this long journey, feeling right in your heart about the choices you make.  Through the process of planning your birth you may set the stage for a lifetime of trusting your heart and intuition in all the decisions that will challenge you in your life, and there will be many, especially in the life of a parent.  I invite you to join me as you prepare to grow your family.
My first class of the New Year begins January 7th.  Registration is open!

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