Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Registration is OPEN for May 7 - June 25 Session of Kind Birth Education

I am always eager to teach Childbirth Education in the Springtime.  The flowers are blooming, the air is sweet, life is beginning again, and we are no exception.  My Childbirth Education Course is lighthearted, fun, active, very informative, relaxed, organized, and has produced multitudes of prepared families who have gone on to either:  Have a no/low intervention birth at home, at a birth center or in the hospital OR have a birth with low-high intervention, but feel empowered in the process, knowing that every question was asked, each intervention challenged and accepted when appropriate.

My goal is for you to be educated and prepared enough to work hard to achieve the safest possible birth for you and your baby…that usually means as little intervention as possible, but not always.  You have to know the difference though, because providers have some external obligations and incentives in regards to intervening in MANY uncomplicated labors.

I hope you will join me, I promise we'll have fun and learn everything you need to know to be prepared for the entirely natural experience you are very likely to have, as well as able to offer full informed consent if there are any complications that require you to deviate from you original plan, empowered and without regret.

Click the link on the right to learn more about my class, and to register!

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