Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I added some stuff

Good Morning all you beautiful people!  As a gift to you this season I have added a couple of opportunities for you on my blog.
If you look over there  ---->
You will find that I have added 2 pages.

One of those pages is a new little Kind Birth venture of mine.
"Synergy Stones"
I have (for my grammar nerds out there) figuratively LOST MY MIND about these little gems.

  • I use them for myself. I find that they really help in the morning when I get out of bed feeling like I'm about 150 years old, after a challenging workout at the gym, and the real magic is that my husband (bless his heart) who is the WORST massager in america, can finally give me an amazing massage.
  • I use them for women in labor...with a 100% approval.  This is the new epidural, ladies.
  • I took them on a "mom's getaway weekend" and we took turns providing a receiving relaxing massage while sipping on red wine.
  • I break them out at dinner parties and my friends and family can not get enough.
I am representing this product now and will very gladly...by appointment...meet with you, demo at a party, demo at a shop or store, and make an order for you.  Have briefcase full of stones, will travel.
If I provide a demo, or an opportunity for you to get your hands on these beauties, I would appreciate it if you would order through me, giving me a small commission.  Right now I am donating 100% of my commissions to Chris's Challenge.  

***Chris's amazing parents were my very first Childbirth Education Students, almost 2 decades ago, and their beautiful boy has recently been through a battle with Lymphoma.  I am fundraising to provide him with a friend/therapy puppy.  He responded very well to the Dog Therapy program at Children's Hospital and I can't think of a better way to honor his amazing attitude, his courage (his mantra throughout his cancer journey was "Just give me time, I've got this") and his family to help them to heal, to celebrate LIFE and LIVING with the love of a sweet little golden.  It's especially touching since they had lost a beloved golden to cancer the year prior to Chris' Lymphoma.

OK, Next!

I have added another page titled:
"Positive Birth Video's to Watch to be Empowered and Encouraged".
The internet is a powerful thing.  I didn't have it available to me when I was "Expecting Kindness" all those 19 years ago.  It's a blessing and a curse, both ways. I lacked the ability to find support, or seek answers for concerns I had, but I have since had some terrible experiences looking for birth related video's online and over the years I have been grateful that I wasn't pregnant while surfing the web.  Scary images, scary sounds, misrepresentations of normal labor, and frightening links that are totally unrelated to what I was searching have all come up. So I have surfed for you.  I will continue to add to this page as I come across what I recognize as a true representation of labor and birth, in a variety of locations, with various providers, and offering a range of total lack of intervention, to the cesarean section that we all want to avoid when possible. May you enter into your labor process with a positive, healthy, realistic expectation of what labor can look like.  I will go on record as saying that some preparation and some one to provide physical, and emotional support is absolutely an important part of being able to BE in labor; to breathe, to relax, to welcome the powerful sensations and use them to make the process as efficient and effective and comfortable as possible.  

I hope you enjoy these new services/opportunities provided here, please share widely!

Kristin Dibeh
Kind Birth Education, 
Doula and Placenta
Services, Synergy Stone Rep!

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