Monday, January 26, 2015

Link to my article published in Dad and Family Magazine!

Please click through here and check out my first published article, and then come back here to read the unedited ending!

Dads! Why YOU are the perfect partner during labour and birth By Kristin Dibeh

While I would love to have to opportunity to teach every family the ins and outs...pause for laughs...of birth in person, and while it would be ideal for everyone to have access to a comprehensive childbirth education course, it is of course not universally available. My book, "Expecting Kindness" was originally created for my classes, but has evolved into a DIY course for families who, for whatever reason; geography, time, money, can not (or prefer not to) attend a class. If you are local to the the Pacific Northwest, please find me on my blog to sign up for my classes or for a referral to someone else who teaches this curriculum in your area.  For more information and reviews of the curriculum, you can visit my website at

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