Monday, February 16, 2015

A beautiful birth story and testimonial; my heart overflows.

When we first signed up for Kristin's Birth Classes we had not yet settled on our decision for a home birth or a Doula.  We had our midwives and in combination with my amazing partner I felt like I had a complete team.  That was until I met Kristin at our first class.  My partner Scott and I were immediately cast under the "Kristin spell".  If any of you have met her you know what I mean... it is her kindness, humor, gentle nature and all around awesomeness that convinced us that including Kristin in our Birth Team would truly make our team complete.  Fast forward 8 classes, a few home visits and lots of laughing later we reached the time to welcome our little Alexa into our lives.  I felt confident and ready from the Kind Birth classes and with Kristin by my side.  Even though Scott is the most loving partner, coach and now father, I think he shined even brighter in his roll with Kristin's support.  They each played an important part and I could not have been happier to have them both at my side.  

Alexa took her sweet time and my early labor was long.  Kristin was always a phone call away with lots of check ins.  It was about 1:30 am on 11/19 and 5 hours after I gulped down my peanut butter and castor oil smoothie that I felt time for Kristin to join us.  Regardless of the hour I believe she too was anxious to get the party started.  And that’s exactly what it felt like for the next 12+ hours.  My labor continued at a slow rate (as you always count on for first babes), but with Kristin’s encouragement there was lots of movement, stair walking, squatting and massaging as needed.  Slow progression gave us plenty of time to put to use all of the exercises and techniques we learned about in class.  I felt strong and proud!!  I was surrounded by smiling women (and Scott) who reassured me over and over of my strength.  Not a moment of doubt ever crept in, not even when little Alexa was close to crowning and was showing signs of distress.  Even though we were at home I still felt I was in good hands if an alternative decision needed to be made of how or where this babe would be born.  My amazing Midwife, Ashley, made the right call at the right time to transport to the hospital.  Those 10 minutes when Kristin followed the ambulance was the only time she ever left my side.  We made it to the hospital and little Alexa was born shortly after with minimally invasive measures.  I believed in that moment when I was given one more chance to push my baby out was when I channeled the last bit of strength I had and pulled from the support around me.  With Kristin, Scott and Ashley cheering at my side Alexa was born at 4:10 pm!!  Alexa spent the next 7 days in the NICU but made it home in time for the thanksgiving holiday happy and healthy.

On a side (and personal) note:  Birth is a unique, beautiful and unpredictable journey.  I allowed myself to be open and prepared for however things may evolve.  With the support of such an amazing team I felt safe and cared for to embrace the way my experience unfolded.  That is why my birth story will forever in my mind be one filled with love, laughter, encouragement, and hard work!!!!  

If you live in the Seattle area and looking for a Doula you would be truly lucky to have Kristin on your team.  If you do not live close than at least get her book and gain in her amazing class style curriculum.
Thank you Kristin for all your yummy goodness!!
All our Love,
Scott, Christie and Alexa

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