Monday, August 31, 2015

Treat Yourself Like A Goddess.

I find myself using this phrase often. I woke up thinking about it this morning and realized that I'd like to clarify this statement so you can really understand how very much I mean this when I say it.  It's not a catch phrase or a light sentiment. Statements like these can be really easily misunderstood, twisted to imply something extremely superficial like, you should go to the spa. You can go to the spa...but it's not about superficial pampering in my eyes, it is far deeper than that.

A Goddess is powerful beyond our measure and often has very specific, universally important, oversight. One such Goddess, also known as a Saint in Catholicism, is Brigid.  Her specific charges are Poetry, Healing, and Smith-craft.  I came to learn about her through her healing governance, since it includes childbirth, but have since learned that she is also the inspiration for poetry as well as being responsible for the hearth. Words, inspiration, fire, and healing...If you know me, then you know that it's no accident that I found her.

I will now construct a poem, with candles lit, about childbirth and the importance of treating yourself like a Goddess, in my eyes.

You have important work to do
Your body is weaving a new life, right under your beating heart
Magic and science are twisting and bonding in your core
Every bite, every breath, every movement, every feeling, matters
Your charge? Just this one life
Protect, care for, love, accept, defend, teach, adore, just this one life
To do this, you must
Be nourished by that which makes you wholesome and well
and baby will
Breathe in fresh air, deeply
and baby will
Move your body, stretch, and grow stronger each day
and baby will
Be embraced by what makes you feel, the way you wish your child to feel
and baby will
Surround yourself with love and adoration
and baby will
Sit in quietude and learn to know yourself, your new motherhood
This child brings one of the most important, challenging, beautiful, powerful
enlightening relationships of your lifetime
While the seed is rooting and sprouting we must care for both the tender start
and amend the soil in which it is planted in order for it to give life
No one knows what you need more than you
No one knows exactly where your sacred feminine power lies, or how to nurture it as you do
Maybe deep down, but you alone know
You have important work to do

By me

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