Friday, May 10, 2013

New research about the use of Pitocin...

Ok, advanced warning.....slight rant ahead.

First, I would like to say that everyone in the medical profession knows that literally EVERYTHING, every drug, every procedure, every intervention has potential side effects.  The idea that until now, pitocin was thought to be totally safe is 100% false.  They know, they have known, that it can "induce" negative outcomes.  The most common would be the increase in fetal distress, which causes cesarean sections, which of course carries a slough of potential side effect itself. They use this "more research is necessary" as an excuse to not change protocol because these "services" increase efficiency and profit.

Second, It is VERY important to note that when I have been working in hospital lately, I have noticed that the bag of I.V. fluids containing Pitocin, is labeled "Oxytocin" because of the negative press relating to pit.  The average consumer may have read something about pitocin, and they may understand that oxytocin is better, but seeing it in a bag might not trigger them to are they harvesting this naturally occurring hormone?  They aren't, they are lying to you.

Third, APGAR.  This is a test that is usually performed twice in the first few minutes after delivery.  Once immediately and once at 5 minutes to compare.  This APGAR score is actually assessing your baby's VITAL SIGNS.  Therefore, when they use Pitocin, knowing that is increases the risk of a lower APGAR score, what that means is that they are willing to take a risk with your baby's vital signs for the sake of efficiency and profit.  It's pretty black and white.. Of course there are medical reasons to use Pitocin, but medical necessity is not the primary reason for it's use.

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