Monday, September 30, 2013

Expecting Kindness classes cover ALL these "rarely disclosed" factors!

This short, sweet article, 15 things the experts don't tell you about childbirth, briefly covers 15 factoids about labor and birth that are commonly not discussed in prenatal visits, especially in the 10-15 minutes a woman has to actually meet with her Obstetrician. There are many more, but these are important.  Some of the conversations are more likely to take place in the 45-60 minutes that is customary with a Certified Professional Midwife/Licensed Midwife/Certified Nurse Midwife, but of course not all of these topics are relevant if you are with a Midwifery practice in an out of hospital environment.

The Expecting Kindness curriculum is a living, evolving body of work that can be updated at any time.
Student feedback following your birth experience is appreciated, to guide it's evolution.  In the classroom, we discuss every single one of the topics in the linked article and of course MUCH MUCH MORE! I will continue to add new, relevant conversations that come to light and warrant discussion.

I am really happy to read that these practitioners, Obstetricians, are promoting comprehensive classes and detailed birth plans.  I whole heartedly agree that we should spend at least as much time on planning our birth as we do on buying a car, as this article references.
In writing a birth plan, you have to form opinions about the options before you, know what the possible conflicts are and how you might wish to handle them.  You have to make decisions about how you want to be treated, informed, supported, etc.  Not to mention your wishes for care of your baby immediately following the birth.  There are certainly blueprints of birth plans that you can just accept, but as this article suggests, you wouldn't just walk into a dealership and say that you want "a car" and buy it without question. Not before stating your preferences about details, moonroof, music, handling, maintenance, price etc.

Sign up today and we will make sure that you are fully prepared to plan an individualized birth, ask the right questions and understand the answers!

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