Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More Boobiness - rocked it!

I had a very fun day with my Mom yesterday as we worked on this little project.  I have been hatching this prototype in my brain for a few years, but as with all crafting/art projects, I require someone to hold my hand and work together to get my ideas out of my imagination and turn them into reality.
I am continuously looking for new, fresh, fun, funny ways to teach all elements of childbirth, immediate postpartum and newborn care.  I recently found some wonderful dolls, they are lovely, realistic, open mouthed (but not unnaturally so) and intact.  What I then realized was that I needed a tool to teach breastfeeding...without awkwardly demonstrating how to support and manipulate the breast using my self as a model. This one is obviously quite well endowed in the boobie department, I want a set in varying sizes but started with the version that could be donned by most everyone.  I loved working and giggling with my Mom and making my Dad try it on. It was introduced last night and worked just as I had hoped it would.  It allowed me to demonstrate and then turn it loose on the class, helping them learn how to support and position the baby, demonstrating the most common positions for initial success nursing, even had one dad take full advantage the opportunity to have a birds eye view of breastfeeding and a little lactation support!  
It was funny and educational, just the way I like it. 

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